Religion of Restraint

Islamists have shown great restraint a few months ago. After a pamphlet insulting the Prophet was found in one of the 80’000 books housed in a Library, Muslims merely torched the building and, for good measure, shot just one the library workers. Don’t worry, the worker survived, even though he totally deserved death for working in such a morally decadent place.

A death toll of zero after such a egregious, brutal and unprovoked assault on Islam is practically unheard of.

This shows that cooler heads in muslim communities are starting to prevail. We now can hope that within the next few years, women can openly ask for education without being shot at all (the Malala case already proves that in modern muslim countries, women can ask for education without being killed; they are merely shot in the face).

So the religion of peace is now changing into the religion of peace with less killing!

So, good news all around.

Well, except for the few thousand books.