Thor’s Redoubt

As part of a regular review, the UN looked at how Norway complies with Human Rights.

Before we look at the results, we must look at the Jury. The team that investigated Norway includes Saudi Arabia (whose King is on record – in front of the UN – stating that Human Rights are alien to him). Unsurprisingly, the UN’s decision to include the Saudis (along with Russia and China) in the UNHR panel has come to bite it in the behind:

As the Independent reports, Saudi Arabia accused Norway of endangering the religious rights of their muslim citizens. They

called for all criticism of religion and of prophet Mohammed to be made illegal in Norway.

This happens when the Jury doesn’t understand the Law they are supposed to uphold. If you don’t know jack about Human Rights you should not preside over its implementation. Making criticism of Religion illegal infringes on the Human Right of Free Speech and Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Religion includes the the right of Freedom from religion. If you suddenly have to observe a particular religion’s rule of blasphemy, you are forced into that religion’s rule set. After all, the Vikings once believed in Odin and Thor. Implementing the idiotic Saudi recommendation would mean banning blockbuster movies like ‘Thor’ or ‘The Avengers’ for blasphemy in Norway.

It is now official that the Saudis do not understand basic Human Rights.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende remarked before the hearing that

It is a paradox that countries which do not support fundamental human rights have influence on the council

It’s not paradox. It’s downright stupid.