How can you live without religion?

But you have to believe in something!

In a nutshell that is why believers can’t wrap their thoughts around non-belief. In most believers, their faith scratches an itch, satisfies a craving that non-belief can’t. They need to believe something, no matter how preposterous. Luckily, this desire is artificial. It’s an addiction, induced by early indoctrination.

How can you live without religion,

is an honest question I was asked on multiple occasions. The problem is that these people really can’t – at least not immediately – live without religion; just like most addicts can’t live without their drugs. Weaning yourself of an addiction is painful and difficult. I remember how difficult it was for me to quit smoking – and that was a relatively easy thing to do compared to other addictions. Kicking the habit of religion took me much longer, and a lot more effort.

So, can you live without religion? You can – just like it is possible to live without nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs. But it’s a difficult process once you are addicted. It will induce great discomfort, and you are constantly surrounded by enablers who try to push you off the wagon.

So you can live without religion – if you want to.

But that requires that you first recognize that you have a problem.