Here comes the Hurricane…

In two weeks, Hollywood releases ‘Noah‘, the new fantasy movie starring Emma Watson, the talented and beautiful actress who shot to fame with Harry Potter.

People have asked me if I was going to watch it, what with me being an atheist and all. Hell yes! Being an atheist did not prevent me from watching ‘Thor‘. Didn’t like it much – but not for theological reasons. It simply wasn’t a good movie. I suspect that I’ll much more enjoy watching Emma Watson than I did Chris Hemsworth. Oh, and Jennifer Connelly! Who would not want to see her?

Screw the story – I’ve read it. Not much to write home about. It rains more than in a french drama, and everyone dies. Ugly guy loves beautiful woman. A rainbow at the end. My godson wrote better stories in second grade.

Then again, he didn’t bring in Emma and Jennifer.