Why Believers Avoid Knowledge

To paraphrase Ricky Gervais: “Ignorance may be bliss for the ignorant, but it’s a pain in the ass for the rest”. But why are so many Christians hell-bent (ha, ha) on remaining ignorant, and are actively closing their eyes to science and reason? It’s actually quite logical. Here’s the proof:

We know that for Christians

  1. “Ignorance is Bliss”
  2. “Paradise is a place of complete bliss”

So: With

  • Complete Ignorance = Complete Bliss


  • Paradise = Complete Bliss


  • Paradise = Complete Ignorance

That’s why believers prefer to remain dumb. If they become knowledgeable or employ reason, they blow their chance at paradise. Which is pretty much what Marin Luther wrote in 1569: “Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has”.

Hence if you are a Christian, it is your religious duty to stay dumb.

I just wish they weren’t so successful at being dumb religious.