Shove over, Islam – Christians can be racist without you!

FOX ‘News’ had some real news for a change. Not the factual kind of news, but still something new in a sense that it’s new information.

Adding unwanted proof to the ‘Blonde Bimbo’ stereotype (law degree notwithstanding), FOX anchor Megyn ‘Dyslexic Parents’ Kelly asserted that not only was Santa Claus a white man, but so was Jesus. Well, given the fact that the currently most popular image of the mythical winter solstice hero Santa Claus was invented by the Coca Cola company in 1930, and that the Santa myth itself originates with the Northmen, plus the fact that we are indeed talking about a fantasy figure, I don’t have an issue with ‘White Santa’. It also fits with the snow theme.

But… Jesus? If the historical figure existed, he was born in Galilee 2000 years ago. And that would mean that there’s no way he’d be white-skinned. If he’d been an albino, the Bible would have mentioned that as yet another miracle. It doesn’t. So there’s a greater than 99.99% probability that he was dark-skinned. Not that it should matter. But it tells you a lot about FOX ‘News’-country Christians, and the way they ‘think’.

Plus it goes to show that Christians can be racists without ever needing to tell the Muslims they need to stop beating their women.