Nazis, and Guillotines, and Orgies! Oh my!

Flying under the radar of of everyone’s IQ, US televangelist, budding diamond miner, and Wicked Witch of the West Pat Robertson has warned that atheists and humanists in Europe will bring back the Nazis and Guillotines.

“You know the liberals, the so called socialists, the progressives, they’ve moved away from God and when you move away from God then you say, ‘were humanists.’ Then as a result of humanity and rejecting God, you have the orgy of the French Revolution, you have the guillotine cutting off the heads of thousands of people, you have the same thing going on now in Europe, you had it under the Nazis”

Not very likely. Pat, unburdened by facts or reason, has confused cause and effect.

To bring back the Nazis and French Revolution, Europe first has to revert to higher levels of religion.