A muslim peace conference

In Oslo, Islam Net – a group of self-described moderate muslims – gathered for a peace conference. A video excerpt from the March conference was published by the organizers on the internet. In it, Fahad Qureshi, one of the hosts, took to the stage to hold a speech that could have been taken straight from The Twilight Zone:

Qureshi protested the fact that many of the invited speakers could not come to the conference. They were barred from entering the country because they were accused of preaching hate. That accusation is false – these people merely preach killing homosexuals, stoning for adulterers, and capital punishment for blasphemy and apostasy.

That’s not hate, Qureshi continued, nor an extremist position. Rather, it’s their religion; the righteous will of God. That’s not hate, it’s virtue. Everyone in the room agreed.

Remember, this was a peace conference.

And people tell me I shouldn’t say that religion makes you stupid.