Things that are self-evident

We usually do not talk about things that are self-evident. If something is self-evident, it needs not to be talked about. We, for example, do not begin speeches by pointing out that fire is hot, or that water is wet.

So when you do say that something is self-evident, you are really saying that it is not, in fact, self-evident.

For example, when Jefferson wrote “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”, it was not, at the time, evident at all. In more ways than just one.

Unfortunately Reverse Phone Lookup , what was self-evident, at that time, was that he forgot about women. Luckily, a mere few hundred years later, the US are trying to correct this.

Today we say that it is self-evident that women and men are equal. We say that because we know they certainly aren’t treated equally. So when we say that they are equal, we merely express our hope that one day it will be so. We purport what is self-evident for it to become so.

No-one writes about things that already are self-evident.

That is self-evident.