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No Gods, No Glory

Unpreaching the Choir

What's inside?


1. On the Origins of Gods

How did religions come about? Why is it that everywhere where humans live we find religions? Why are religions so similar? Who invents religions and why?


2. Anatomy of Religions

How do religions function? Why do people join them? Why is it so difficult to extract yourself from them?


3. Things Religions are good for

The shortest chapter in history


4. Things Religions were good for

If religions are so wasteful, how come they still exist? Did they offer any benefits? If so, which?


5. Things Religions are supposedly good for

When asked, religious people will give you many reasons why religions are good, and why they are important. Here's a good, hard look at these claims.


6. Things Religions are guilty of

Where there is light, there is shadow. If religions were good, they came at a price. What are the downsides of belief that religious people do not like to talk about? Is it worth it?


7. Maladies of the Mind

How religions affect your mind - both in a funny and a sinister way. The real dangers of religion.


8. There's one born every minute

An unbeliever's view on religion - and why you should not be a sucker to religion.


9. Vanquishing evil

A sermon. Because there are too few of those in this world.






This is a text about religion – more precisely: about the dangers and evil that religions represent today. All religions. If you are religious, this essay is especially about the evils of your religion.

If you feel the urge to reflexively rush to the defense of religions, please let me guide your attention to a quote from Richard Lederer who remarked in ‘Anguished English’ that “there once was a time where all people believed in God and the church ruled: this time was called the Dark Ages”.